The first ion pump with maximum pumping speed at low pressure

New Agilent VIP 200

eXtreme High Vacuum Performance

  • Maximum pumping speed at low pressure (10-8 mbar range)
  • Best in class pumping speed for Nitrogen and Argon
  • Reduced outgassing through Vacuum Firing thermal treatment
  • New Diode and Noble Diode element design (more cells vs Volume)
  • StarCell element: superior performance and stability for Noble gases.
  • Optimized magnetic field distribution gives higher pumping speed

Versatile & Compact Design

  • The smallest size in its category
  • Wide range of configurations available, including side port and different HV feed throughs
  • New heater design allows for high thermal efficiency and easy mounting operation
  • Pumping elements fully replaceable

Agilent quality

  • Recognized Technology & Market leadership from the Ion Pump inventor: «All innovations introduced by Agilent in Ion Pump technology have become the standard in the industry»
  • High standards of Manufacturing Excellence
  • High reliability and performance guaranteed by severe test methodology

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Image courtesy of CERN