Agilent Vacuum Products most commonly used in Academic, Government and Research:

Ion Pumps

vacuum ion controller
  • Agilent StarCell & Diode type, with individual vacuum process to minimize outgassing, corrosion resistant HV feedthrough with safety interlock, radiation resistant HV cables and heaters.
  • New Agilent 4UHV Ion Pump Controller: operates up to 4 pumps of any type and size, simultaneously and independently.
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Turbomolecular Pumps

turbo pumps for vacuum
  • Wide range of ceramic bearing turbomolecular pumps, for fast and clean UHV. No bearing in the high vacuum side, to provide the cleanest vacuum.
  • The new TwisTorr 84FS and 304 FS, with Agilent Floating Suspension, the innovative technology that reduces acoustical noise and vibration, and new TwisTorr stages optimized for H2Compression Ratio applications.
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Dry Scroll Pumps

dry scroll pumps
  • Hermetic single stage with built in Vacuum Insulation Valve and Multistage Dry Scroll Pumps designed to provide reliable and totally oil free vacuum, with seal technology designed for longer life.
  • The new Agilent IDP-15 Dry Scroll Pump: quiet, low vibration operation and rapid pump-down deliver state-of-the-art vacuum value.
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New Complete Active Gauge Line

vacuum technology
  • From rough vacuum to combination gauges that span the entire vacuum range with an array of options including onboard displays, setpoint control and field bus networking capability.
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vacuum solutions catalogue

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