Power and Chemical Plants

Continuous improvement in plant efficiency.

"We used our leak tester and found the leak on the rupture disk of the turbine and repaired it
I believe we easily gained 0.5"HgA on that unit.
But that was an easy leak to find. We have found harder leaks under insulation that only Helium would have led us to."

Kevin Crimi, Operations Manager COVANTA SEMASS

Power Generation

Leaks within power plant condensers can cause a significant loss of efficiency. High inlet pressure tolerance, auto-zero function, and mobility of the two-wheel cart option simplify the leak detection process. Simple, intuitive operation allows intermittent use without excessive training requirements.

Wireless remote control with an operating range of 100 meters (328 feet) provides true hand-held portability, enabling leak testing by a single operator.

Power generation facilities, chemical plants and similar facilities require a leak detector to sample gas that is primarily water vapor (steam) and/or contains chemicals that would damage the detector.

To prevent this damage from happening, Agilent has developed a specialized probe and leak detector configuration tailored to the demanding requirements of these applications.


• Condensers

• Heat exchangers

• Steam circuits



Power Gen Brochure: This 16 page reference   describes the Agilent VS Series Helium Mass   Spectrometer Leak Detectors, Harsh Environment Probe   and Wireless Remote Control, as well as the techniques   used to turn hidden inefficiencies through leaks into   significant annual savings.

Recording of Live Webinar: Agilent Leak   Detection   Marketing Manager John McLaren describes the basis for   savings from efficiency improvements offered by Helium   Mass Spectrometer Leak Detection and the Harsh Environment Probe.

  Leak Testing Steam Turbine Condensers Application Note : Descriptive note introduces the challenges of power plant leak   detection and describes the Agilent solution, including a realistic   sample calculation of the significant savings created by very small gains in steam turbine condenser efficiencies.

   Anwendungsbericht zur Dichtigkeitsprüfung an Dampfturbinenkondensatoren Beschrieben werden die Anforderungen an die Lecksuche im Kraftwerk und diesbezügliche Lösungen von Agilent. Eine praxisnahe Beispielrechnung zeigt deutliche Einsparmöglichkeiten, die bereits durch minimale Effizienzsteigerung im Dampfturbinenkondensator erreicht werden können.

  Agilent Harsh Environment Probe for Helium Leak Detection data sheet: Two page data sheet describes the technical elements of the HE Probe and provides ordering information..


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