See Agilent-Varian INLINE Ion Pump for Particle Accelerators at DESY, Germany

Agilent In-line Ion pumps integrated into a transport beam-line at X-FEL/Desy

Agilent Ion Getter Pumps (IGPs) are particularly appropriate for use in modern accelerator facilities because of their high reliability, cleanliness and the absence of vibration that could disturb the trajectory of the beam. 

Diode In-line Ion Pump were designed specifically to be mounted directly in a beam line. The pump’s magnetic circuit is optimized to provide low values of the stray field along the pump axis.

The pump operates in a pressure range from 10-5 to below 10-11 Torr (mbar). Pumping speed may vary depending on the system pressure, gas type and the applied operating voltage. Pumps can be optimized by using Agilent 4UHV Controllers to achieve the lowest possible operating pressure. 

Solution: Diode In-line pump with optimized magnetic field

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