Ensure Stability and Performance in Any Leak Detection Application

Agilent’s range of leak detection solutions ensure the safety, security and consistent performance of research, vacuum, and industrial process systems. HLD Helium Leak Detectors are rugged, precise, and easy-to-use instruments that accurately and efficiently detect leaks in an array of industrial applications. For clean research applications, HLD configurations employ clean, dry, quiet scroll vacuum pumps. Our leak detectors feature automated start-up and calibration for maximum productivity, built in application set-ups, and an array of accessories to make any leak detection process simple.

The Agilent series Helium Leak Detector

Six different application setup guides help users correctly configure their instrument for the best performance: Spray helium, High sensitivity, Sniffing, PPM sniffing, Auto sequencer, Split flow
Agilent mass spec quality/reliability that’s backed by a two-year warranty.
Wireless hand-held remote allows leak testing large systems by one person,with a range of up to 100 meters.
Eight languages enhance global usability.
Large work surface provides plenty of room for test parts, tools, etc.
A startup wizard helps users set up the instrument on first-time power up.
A refined power-off process keeps the spectrometer under vacuum and protects the pump.
Easy access simplifies service.
Nitrogen vent is standard.
Analog, RS232, and discrete IO interface options help you stay connected.
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Agilent PHD-4 Portable Helium Detector

– Lightweight and battery power allows the ultimate in portability

– Superior sensitivity to IR and thermocouple devices

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VS C15 Component Leak Detector

– Easy integration into OEM systems

– Wide variety of communication options

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HLD Wireless Remote

– Leaks in large systems often occur far from the leak detector. By utilizing modern wireless technology, leak testing hard-to-reach locations is now much easier, and can be performed at much greater distances of up to 100 meters. In addition to the visual bar graph of the leak rate, the remote control has a speaker that provides a variable tone indicating the trend and relative size of the leak. All the major functions of the leak detector are at your fingertips, giving you a truly portable leak detection solution.

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VS Harsh Environment (HE) Probe

– Discover and locate leaks in applications that would normally significantly damage leak detectors with our Harsh Environment Probe. Helping you meet the demanding requirements of chemical plants or power generation facilities with ease.

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